Program Design

If you have highly specialized goals and prefer training independently, our Program Design service is the perfect solution.


Our group training model is a very popular option amongst members at CrossFit SouthEnd. However, we also realize that there are individuals that prefer a more independent training environment, but still desire to have the direction and accountability of their own personalized workout plan.
This is where our Program Design service comes to play.You’ll sit down with a coach to discuss your training goals, your desired schedule, strengths & weaknesses and we will get to work to create an exercise program that is fully tailored to you. There will be a level of responsibility on the client’s end to maintain detailed records of their training via an online blog we will help you set up. Throughout this process, you will have bi-weekly meetings with your coach to discuss your progress and make necessary changes to your training program.If you’re interested in Program Design, fill out the form below and one of our coaches will contact
you to set up an initial consultation.