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Meet our certified staff of trainers!

Stuart Brauer

– Owner
– CrossFit L1
– CrossFit L2
– CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
– BS Exercise Physiology
– Training Think Tank Coaching Mentorship Program
– Training Think Tank Coach & Athlete Camp
– OPT-CCP Program Design
– OPT-CCP Nutrition
– OPT-CCP Assessment
– OPT-CCP Life Coaching
– OPT-CCP Business Systems

My interest and passion in physical fitness began when I was in high school. Being scrawny and a ginger is a tough gig to pull off, so I started learning and studying every piece of strength & conditioning literature I could get my hands on. During an internship in college, I discovered CrossFit and was immediately hooked. I served as the strength & conditioning coach for the men’s wrestling team at my university and immediately pursued a coaching position with a CrossFit affiliate in Nashville, TN upon graduating. My career in fitness then sent me into the corporate Globo-Gym world where I learned the business side of fitness and relocated to Charlotte, NC. Combine my passion for CrossFit and the business knowledge I had acquired; and what you get is CrossFit SouthEnd, LLC (aka. CrossFit SouthEnd). We started off with less than 20 athletes in a park with nothing more than my pickup truck and handful of equipment. Now we are 200+ athletes strong and have a beautiful new 7,500 sqft facility. I am living the dream and loving every second of it. The members of my gym and my staff are my family and CFSE is my home.

Sarah Isaac

– Head Coach/Back Office Boss
– CrossFit L1
– CrossFit L2
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– Pendlay Weightlifting L1
– Pendlay Weightlifting L2
– Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Seminar
– Movement Fix Seminar
– Training Think Tank Coaches Camp

I grew up as a very dedicated softball and volleyball player, so all working out that I did had a very specific purpose: to get better at my sport. When I stopped competitively playing sports I no longer knew how to work out. After many years of occasionally spending 45 minutes on an elliptical, I became overweight and unhappy with myself. I finally decided to go out on a limb and try out a local CrossFit SouthEnd boot camp at a nearby park. After completing a workout full of burpees and wall-balls, I realized going to that camp was the best decision I had ever made.

CrossFit SouthEnd introduced me to CrossFit and it all finally clicked. I understood how to work out again, and it added a competitive edge that I didn’t even realize I was missing since I stopped playing these sports. I saw my body begin to transform immediately and with that, my confidence. It’s pretty awesome to go through life and not question whether or not you have the ability to do something. I found myself constantly wanting to know more about the movements and the ideas behind everything we were doing, and also realized that I was getting even more enjoyment watching my fellow athletes do well than doing well myself. So the natural progression was to become a trainer myself and I have loved every minute of helping others become better versions of themselves. Really looking forward to watching each and every member of CrossFit SouthEnd get healthier and become better athletes!

Freddie Nordhoff

– Coach/Best Hair on Staff
– BS Exercise Science Queens University
– CrossFit L1
– Pendlay Weightlifting L1
– Pendlay Weightlifting L2
– Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Seminar

I have been active my whole life. Growing up I played pretty much every sport except football and by the time I was in 7th grade I shifted my focus solely to golf. During my junior year of high school I suffered a back injury and going through the physical therapy process is what first got me interested in the human body. Fast forward a few years and one of my roommates dragged me to the gym and I was hooked. I have been working out regularly for about six years and found Crossfit three years ago. I got my CF-L1 last April, was fortunate enough to begin interning at Crossfit SouthEnd last May, and have been a coach since November. I am from Seattle originally, but came to Charlotte 5 years ago to play collegiate golf. I played for the Queens University of Charlotte men’s golf team for four years, serving as captain for two, and I am expecting to graduate this May with a BS in Exercise Science and a BA in Business Administration. I love helping people improve their fitness, learn new skills, get really strong, and have fun doing it. Whether I am coaching or not, please don’t be afraid to pull me aside and ask me questions; I am an absolute nerd for all things fitness so even if I don’t have an answer for you immediately I will do some research and get back to you.

Ben Little

– Coach/Snatch Sensai
– CrossFit L1
– Pendlay Weightlifting L1
– Pendlay Weightlifting L2
– Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Seminar
– Outlaw Barbell Camp

I grew up being active – from playing any sport I could to getting into adventure activities, I loved it all. In high school I spent some time in the pool and on the wrestling mat, but my main sports were Cross Country, Track and Baseball. For college, I attended the University of New Hampshire and majored in Kinesiology with a focus in Outdoor Education. During that time and following, I spent several years in the outdoor recreation industry. I spent time as a guide and as an instructor in recreational and competitive whitewater paddling.

After college, I dabbled in a lot of different activities, but biking became my primary fitness routine. In 2012, I found myself back in my hometown of Charlotte and feeling lazy. Not really “out of shape,” but I definitely had the itch to get moving. I found myself walking into CrossFit SouthEnd. My first workout was rough. But, that’s all it took – I’ve been hooked ever since. One of the things I find most appealing about this sport is that there is a constant challenge… I don’t find myself getting bored with it, and I’m continuously motivated by the something “new” each day brings.

The time I’ve spent participating in different sports and my education in Kinesiology has given me a good eye for movement and evaluation, and I’m happy that I’ve ended up using that knowledge to improve my own fitness and to help others as a coach at a CrossFit SouthEnd.

Jesse Zastrow

– Coach/Mobility Master
– CrossFit L1
– CrossFit Mobility
– Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Seminar

Playing sports and being active have been huge centerpieces in my life growing up and have directly influenced how I view and implement fitness into my life to this day. From 12 years of swimming, to lacrosse, collegiate waterpolo, and ultimate frisbee to name a few, I’ve always been attracted to physically demanding sports. Enter summer 2012 when I moved to Charlotte and stepped foot into my first box. From the warm embrace of the Crossfit community and the addictive drive and constant variation of the workouts, I was instantly hooked. The obsession with constant improvement and thirst for growth led me to receive my Level 1 cert the following spring and CF Movement and Mobility cert shortly thereafter. Proper movement patterns and conditioning/managing our bodies to perform all the movements used in Crossfit are special interests of mine and my classes are geared to do just that – keep you moving properly and recover to get you back in the gym! Truly honored to be a part of this amazing team at Crossfit SouthEnd and I look forward to seeing you in the gym!

Lee Hardee

– Coach/Endurance Guru
– CrossFit L1
– CrossFit Endurance

My interest in fitness started several years ago after a knee injury playing rec softball. A few sessions with a great physical therapist woke me up to the reality that I needed to take better care of my body. My typical workout to this point was 30 minutes on the treadmill and reps on a few random weight machines. Guidance from the internet got me on a better path on my own. While training for a GoRuck challenge, a friend recommended I check out CrossFit SouthEnd. The coaching and atmosphere at CrossFit SouthEnd has taken my fitness to levels I never imagined. My current interests are running and obstacle race events, and CrossFit has been hugely beneficial to my performance in multiple Spartans, Battlegfrogs, mud runs, half marathons, and Blue Ridge Relays. After eliminating knee pain through proper running technique and years of strength training, I want to share what I have learned about the benefits of CrossFit and the CrossFit Endurance program.