6/8/17 – Summer Body Challenge

mike wall ball


Monday is the start of Charlotte’s Best Boot Camp & our 6 week Summer Body Challenge!  Your CrossFit SouthEnd membership allows for you to participate in the Boot Camp sessions, just be sure to sign up in MindBody for it.  CBBC will be on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 630pm.

We all have that friend who asks us about our workouts all the time, but doesn’t necessarily want to participate in CrossFit classes – the Summer Body Challenge is for them!  Check out the video below for more details on it and please feel free to pass our contact info on to them, or let us know and we can reach out to them.

All Levels


For Time

30 Hang Power Clean

30 Push Press

30 Back Squat

30 Over the Bar Burpees

*choose a load that allows for no more than 10 reps unbroken


For Time

10 Over the Bar Burpees

30 Hang Power Clean

10 OTB Burpees

30 Push Press

10 OTB Burpees

30 Back Squats

*choose a load where you can complete at least 10 reps unbroken


A. Floor Press – 4×1.1.1, rest :30/as needed

B. Front Squats – 8 minutes to work up to heavy 5

C. Front Squats @80% B

1:00 AMRAP

1:00 Rest


D1. Single Arm Upside KB Press @21X2 – 3×5-10 each arm

D2. Stir the Pots – 3×10 each way


5 – 7 x 300m Run, 100m Jog Recovery