6/5/17 – Congrats to Rikki & Gordy!

alex nicole cara


Big congrats to CFSE athletes Rikki White and Gordy Rains for both finishing 3rd in their Olympic Weightlifting meets this weekend.  You guys are awesome!


5 Rounds

10 Cleans

200m Run

*score is 200m Run times.

*choose load that allows you to perform cleans in 2 sets or less


A. Hang Clean – 2×10

B. Cleans – 2×10



Odd: 10 Cleans

Even: AMRAP Cals on Ski Erg

*score = total cals on Ski Erg

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Power Snatch – heavy single

B. Power Clean + Jerk – heavy single

C. Push Press – heavy single

D. Back Squat – 2×2 @80%