4/27/17 – Thursday Schedule

jason tired


Tomorrow (Thursday) is our April Nutrition Seminar at 630pm.  You should come!  It does not count as one of your classes and you are welcome to bring someone with you.

Also, reminder that we have cancelled the 730pm class for tomorrow – we apologize for the inconvenience!

CrossFit All Levels

For Time

1000m Row

3 Rounds

15 Front Squats

24 KB Swings

15 Burpees

*choose the load based on your training goals


A. Back Squat – 3×4.4, rest :30/as needed

*heavier than 4/6

B. 3 Dip Pause + 2 Push Press + Max Effort OH Hold, rest 1:30 x4

C1. Single Leg Lateral Step Up (slow descent) – 3×5 each leg

C2. Eccentric Pullups – 3×5


2x800m Jog, rest :30

1x100m Sprint, walk recovery

2x400m jog, rest :20

1x100m Sprint, walk recovery