4/11/17 – Lou’s Free Range Eggs $3/Dozen!



For those of you who love cage-free, locally raised, organic eggs – we’ve got em’!  Inside of the staff kitchen you’ll find a chest stock piled with cartons of eggs.  They are $3/dozen.  First come, first served!

***this is a 3rd party vendor and thus you must pay CASH and cannot place orders on your account.  You’ll find an envelope in which you can place your payment on top of the crate. 

CrossFit Performance 


Run 400m
30 Alternating DB Snatch
10 Strict K2E @3133

*score total rounds + reps
*run = 40 reps

CrossFit Fundamentals

For Time:

:60 Ski Erg/Rower/Assault Bike
:60 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Rest 2:00. x3

*choose a load that allows for you to work for at least :30 unbroken
*score total cals + reps per round

CrossFit Endurance

8-12 x 50m moderate run + 50m fast run