3/16/17 – No Mobility



There is no Mobility or Endurance Class tomorrow.

One more reminder to sign up for Friday Night Lights number 4 of 5 tomorrow!  Sign up sheet is on the front desk.  Don’t know what we are talking about?  Ask a coach or a fellow member!

CrossFit All Levels

For Time

30 Cals Assault Bike

30 DB Thrusters

*rest 5:00


*weight of DBs should be something can perform at least 10 reps unbroken


A . Press – 3×5.5, rest :30/2:00

*heavier than 3/2

B. RDL @31X2 – 4×6

*heavy across

C1. Front Squats @33X3 – 3×5, rest :30

C2. Overhead KB Walks – 3×100′, rest :30