2/27/17 – No Oly Class Monday

group k2e


Heads up – there is no Olympic Weightlifting Class tomorrow (Monday), Feb. 27th.

We had a fantastic group of 45 members participate in the first Friday Night Lights of the year this past Friday!  Thank you to all of those that came out.  We are back at it again this Friday!  If you would like to participate please be sure to sign up ahead of time so we can make the evening run as smoothly as possible.

CrossFit Performance

A. DB Z Press @31X3 – 2×10

B. Mod. HSPU – 3×5-8

C. Wall Walks – collect 8 reps

D. Strict HSPUs – collect 10 reps



10 Strict HSPUs

20 Alt. DB Front Rack Lunges

100m Run

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Press vs Push Press vs Push Jerk Review



15 Push Jerks

200m Run