2/9/17 – LBN Check In Reminder

jay burpee


Reminder for those participating in the LBN Challenge – we have our 1 month “check in” at 730pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.  Come talk about what has been going well, what you are struggling with, questions you have, etc.  Bring copies of a “unique” paleo recipe to share with others for bonus points!

CrossFit All Levels

For Time

1 Mile Run

100 Wall Balls

50 Burpees

*35 min cap


A. Press – find a 3 rep max

B. Pendlay Rows @31X3 – 4×8

C. Front Rack Lunges – work up to heavy 5 each leg


Odd: 3 FR Lunges each leg (90% of heavy 5)

Even: 2 Eccentric Pullups

D. GHDSitUps – 3×10-12


1200m Moderate Run, 3:00 rest

400m Fast Run, 3:00 rest

800m Moderate Run