1/26/17 – Take Care of Yourself

jess and pete


Feeling beat up this week?  Check out Mobility Class tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30pm and on Sunday at 10am is Deep Stretch Yoga.  Take advantage of these classes!

CrossFit All Levels

5 Rounds for Time

15 Hang Power Snatch

20 Wall Balls

*choose a load that allows at least 10 unbroken reps for each movement


A. Press – heavy 2 in 10 minutes

B. Press @85% of A – 3xME, rest 2:00

C. EMOM 15

Min 1: Front Rack Lunges  – 3 reps each leg

Min 2: Bent Over KB Rows @21X2 – 6 reps

Min 3: Hollow Body Hold


2 x 400m Run, rest 1:30

4 x 200m Run, rest :45