1/10/17 – Claim Your Things

Renee Lunging


Please remember that the storage cubbies we have are just for your stuff while you are at the gym – they are not meant for you to leave items there over night.  We understand that occasionally things are forgotten, but make sure you grab it the next time you come in!  If you have left something at the gym for an extended amount of time, be sure to check the cardboard box of stuff!

CrossFit Performance

For Time

15 Cal Assault Bike

30 Wall Balls

15 Burpees

Rest 3:00


CrossFit Fundamentals

For Reps

1:00 Max Effort HR Pushups

1:00 ME MB Cleans

1:00 ME KB Trunk Twists

1:00 Rest



A. Deadlift – heavy 2 in 10 minutes

B. Deadlift @90% of A – 3xME-1, rest 2:00

C. Box Squats




D1. Pushups – 3×10

D2. Stir the Pots – 3×10 each way


4 x 50m

2 x 100m

1 x 2000m

2 x 100m

4 x 50m

Walking Recovery Between Each Interval