12/29/16 – Get in Early

stu and kris


Make sure to get in early tomorrow (Thursday)!  12pm class will be our last of the day, then back to regular schedule on Friday.

Strength Class – please note that this class will be run as “Open Gym” tomorrow morning as opposed to our usual guided class.  Isaac will be around if you have any questions of movements/accessory work

CrossFit All Levels


200m Run

30 Wall Balls

20 HR Pushups

10 Over the Box Jumps

Rest 5:00



A. Back Squat – find heavy 2 in 10 minutes

B. Back Squat @85% of A – 3xME, rest 2:00

C. Deadlifts – 5×1.1, rest :10 between reps

D. Iron Scap