11/29/16 – REGISTER

minnie clean


For the most part you guys do a great job of registering for classes in MindBody BUT you have to register for Open Gym as well!  If you are coming in early and doing some extra work before class, staying late to do stuff, or just getting in your own workout, you have to register for Open Gym.  If you are here for the longer than just 1 class time you need to register for both of those time slots.  We need to know how many people are in the gym at one time and the coaches need to be focused on making you all better athletes, not taking the time to log you in.  During our 530pm time slot today we had 4 people registered for Open Gym when in reality there were 15 people – that is a huge difference and we need that information!  Appreciate your cooperation.

CrossFit Performance

A. Strict Pullup @21X1 – 3×5

B. Kipping Pullup Review



Min 1: AMRAP Kipping Pullups

Min 2: AMRAP KB Swings

Min 3: Rest

*score = total reps completed

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Ring Row @22X2 – 3×5

B. Assisted/Ring Pullup Review


:40 AMRAP Ring Pullups/Rows @22X2

:20 Rest

:40 AMRAP Plank Hold

:20 Rest

:30 AMRAP Box Jumps

:20 Rest

x 5

*score is total reps completed of Ring Pullups & Box Jumps


A. Floor Press – heavy 3 in 10 minutes

B. Floor Press @90% of A – 3xME, rest 2:00

C. Front Squats @3333 – 4×5

D1. GHD Situps – 3×10-15

D2. Single Arm Upside Down KB Squat @22X2 – 3×5 each arm


Forward Lean


6x50m Run

4x100m Run

6x50m Run

Walking Recovery