11/16/16 – Fit Mom Workshop



This Sunday, CrossFit SouthEnd is hosting a free Fit Mom Workshop! The workshop is perfect for anyone who is currently pregnant, or has recently had a child and is looking to return to a healthy exercise routine.  Pregnant women and new mothers often face new challenges in regards to fitness and we want to help educate those looking to maintain or create an active lifestyle. Pregnancy is the perfect time and motivation to start an exercise routine.

The workshop will review exercises prescribed for both pre&postnatal mothers. We will also discuss how to modify other exercises and activities in order to keep you and baby safe.  You will moving and exercising, so make sure to wear comfy workout clothes.  

Sunday, November 20th at 11:00am

You do not need to be a “CrossFitter” in order to participate in this workshop.  All levels of fitness welcome – especially beginners – so feel free to invite your friends!  Contact Isaac at isaac@escfitness.com with any questions!

CrossFit Performance

A. Floor Press @21X1 – 10, 8 6, 4, 2 – rest 2:00 between each set



10 Cals Assault Bike

10 KB Swings

Rest 6:00


*100% All Out Effort!

*Choose load that allows you to move FAST and unbroken

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Hang Muscle Snatch Review – 2×3

B. Hang Power Snatch Review – 3×5



20 Alt. DB Snatch

20 Wtd. Abmat Situps