11/15/16 – Schedule This Week

alex smith rowing


Reminder that we have no Endurance Class tomorrow (Tuesday), and no PM classes at all this Thursday due to the home football game.  Please plan your workouts for this week accordingly!

CrossFit Performance


5 Rounds for Time

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

30 Wall Balls

CrossFit Fundamentals

EMOM x 24

Min 1: Cals on the Rower

Min 2: KB Swings

Min 3: DB Thrusters

Min 4: Rest

*treat each minute as :30-:40 ON, :20-:30 rest

*score = total reps completed


A. Floor Press – heavy 3 in 10 minutes

B. Floor Press @85% of A – 3xME, rest 2:00

C. Banded KB OH Stability Holds – 4x:30, rest :30

D. Lateral Single Leg Step Ups – collect 20 reps each leg