10/13/16 – SugarWOD



Don’t forget to track your workouts!  You can track your progress by downloading the app for SugarWOD.  Once you do, put CrossFit SouthEnd as your box and then be sure to click on the wrench on the upper right corner, go into Your Settings, Workout Tracks, and select the classes you will be attending.  Then close out of the app, open it back up and you will be able to see our workouts!  We do not utilize the track labeled as “Workout of the Day”.  If you are attending an All Levels Class please note it uses the programming under “Performance” Class.  The more you use this app and track your progress the more you will get out of it.  Feel free to “fistbump” your fellow members to show your support!

CrossFit All Levels

For Time

0.5 Mile Assault Bike (@90%)

1 Prowler Push & Pull

20 MB Cleans

Rest 1:1



A. Floor Press – 4×3

*heavier than 10/4

B. Front Squats @2222 – 3×8

*heavy across

C1. Single Leg KB RDLs @22X1 – 4×5 each leg

C2. Single Arm Farmers Carry – 4×100′ each leg

D. Eccentric Pullups – collect 20 reps


Faster Cadence


4 x 200m Run, rest 1:30

1 x 400m Run, rest 2:00

2 x 200m Run, rest 1:30