10/6/16 – Thanksgiving Day Volunteers



Being fit provides you with more opportunities in life!  The Charlotte Center City Partners asked us to reach out to you all as they are in need for some volunteers for a special project during the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade.  They didn’t provide too many details about what you would be doing as it is a cool new thing they are doing for the first time this year at the parade.  They came to us with this as the task will require a decent level of fitness!  If you are interested in volunteering let us know and we will get you in touch with them.  You will need to be available on Thanksgiving morning, but will be done by noon.  Thanks guys!

CrossFit All Levels


200m Farmers Carry

12 Lateral Box Jumps

18 UB Thrusters

6 Strict K2E @2121


A. Back Squat – 4×3

*heavier than 9/22

B. Strict Press – find heavy single in 5 attempts

C. Strict Press – 4xME @75% of B, rest 2:30

D1. Front Rack Barbell Lunges – 3×5 each leg

D2. Hip Extensions – 3×10


Running Lighter


4x400m Run, rest 1:30