9/13/16 – New building updates

tyler and kaitlin


As most of you know, CrossFit SouthEnd will be moving to 255 Clanton Road this fall.  The building, Urban MVMNT will be home to CrossFit SouthEnd as well as Ride or Die Spin Studio and South End Grind coffee shop.  We are very excited about all three of businesses as Ride or Die will be owned and operated by our own Zoe Brauer and South End Grind is ran by Coach Freddie Nordhoff!

ride-or-die-logosouthend grind

Check out these photos of the progress being made inside Urban MVMNT.  We are estimating November as the time frame to make the move to the new location (which will be complete with an athlete lounge area, showers and more!).


CrossFit Performance

A. Back Squat – 5×3


3 Rounds for Time

50 MB Front Squats

400m Run

20 Over the Box Jumps

*15 min cap

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Thrusters – 3×10


:45 ME Double Unders/Single Unders

:15 Transition

:45 ME Thrusters

Rest 2:00


Strength Class

A. Deadlifts – 4×5

*same weight as 8/30

B. Front Squats @2222 + Front Squats 1 1/4 – 4×3+3

C1. V-Ups – 3×10 (as slow as possible)

C2. Farmers Carry – 3x100m (heavy)

C3. Stir the Pots – 3x:30

Endurance Class

Pulling Mechanics


2 x 100m Run

2 x 75m Run

4 x 50m Run

Walking Recovery