9/8/16 – Mobility Class is Back!

pete falcone


Alright!  Jesse was gone for about a month learning some new mobility techniques, but he is back in action now!  Mobility Class is tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30pm.  Been feeling stiff lately?  The week of workouts beat you up a bit?  Just want to be preventative and stay on top of taking care of your body?  Check out his class!  Sign up in MindBody just like any other class, please.  Good to have you back, Jesse!

CrossFit All Levels

For Cals & Time
:30 Assault Bike for Cals

1 Prowler Push & Pull

Rest 4:00 – 6:00

x 6

Strength Class

A. Back Squat – 4×5

*same weights as 8/23

B. Strict Press – find heavy double

C. EMOM x 6

4 Push Press @85-90% of B

D. Tabata Hollow Body Hold

Rest 2:00