8/24/16 – STS on Sunday

lisa hoffman rowing


This Sunday, August 28th (before the outing to the Whitewater Center) is the next “Shoot the Shit” session.  Have anything you want to talk out one on one?  Maybe you aren’t sure how to go about reaching your specific goals, or aren’t even sure what those goals should be, or if there is anything non-gym related that you feel like talking about – let us know!  We’ll get you scheduled for a Shoot the Shit sometime between 10am and 11am.

CrossFit Performance

A. Thrusters – 5×3


For Time

50 Wall Ball

800m Run

50 Thrusters

*choose load that will allow you to complete about 10 unbroken

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Strict Pullups @21X1 – collect 20 reps


B. Modified Strict Pullups @21X1 – 4×5


For Time

200m Run

15 Burpees

*as fast as possible

Rest 2:1


Olympic Weightlifting

A. Clean & Jerk – every :90 x 8

*heavy but repeatable

B. Power Snatch + Hip Snatch – 6×1+1

C. Thruster – heavy single

D. Back Squats @3030 – 4×8-10 reps, rest :30