8/17/16 – Open Gym Mobility



Reminder that Mobility Guru Jesse is on a bit of a sabbatical right now but has made some videos so you can keep up with your Thursday mobility work.  Keep an eye out for another video tomorrow for some guidance on what to do to work on your mobility and take care of yourself!

CrossFit All Levels


800m Run

45 KB Swings

30 Box Jumps

15 HR Pushups

*score total reps completed (800m = 80 reps)

*you pick the dose response – go heavy or light if desired

Strength Class

A. Prowler Push & Pull – heavy single in 5 attempts

B. Front Squats @2222 + 1 1/4 Front Squats – 5×3 + 3

*increase each set

C. Every :90

5 – 10 HR Pushups

10 Russian KB Swings