8/11/16 – Get on SugarWOD



SugarWOD is an app we use for our members to track their results on all of our workouts.  Members who have been consistently tracking their results have been able to see their progress week over week, month over month. The more you use it, the more you get out of it.  You can put your actual results of the workout but you can also write notes for yourself on how the workout went.  Get on there and get to tracking!

When you download SugarWOD find CrossFit SouthEnd and then go into your settings, workout tracks, and pick the classes that you attend (remember “All Levels” Classes follow the “Performance” class workouts).  Then log out of the app, open it back up, and you will be able to see our workouts!  We do not use the workout track labeled “workout of the day” so you won’t be able to see our workouts until you go into the settings and select your tracks.  Let a coach know if you have any questions!

CrossFit All Levels

For Max Reps:

:60 Row for Calories

:60 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

:60 Double Unders

:60 Assault Bike for Calories

Rest 4:00


Strength Class

A. Back Squat – 4×3

*heavier than any other set of 3 this cycle

B. Jerk Dip Holds – 4×3


*pause at the bottom of each dip for :03

C. Push Press – work up to heavy 5 reps


4 Ring Rows @2222


Pulling Mechanics


2x200m, rest 1:30

2x300m, rest 1:45

2x200m, rest 1:30