7/27/16 – This Sunday Shoot the Shit

jim pullup


This Sunday, Stu will be opening his doors for another Shoot the Shit session. This is an excellent opportunity to bring up any questions you have about training, nutrition, goal setting, competition, body composition, or really anything fitness related (or that you just think Stu would have a good answer for).

Talk with any of the coaches between now and then to set up an appointment for this Sunday and have some questions prepared. The appointments do fill up pretty quickly.

CrossFit Performance

A. Rope Climb Tech

B. Rope Climbs – 5 reps for time


C. Modified Rope Climbs – 10 reps, not for time


For Time

20 Cals Assault Bike

5 Rope Climbs

20 Cals Assault Bike

Rest 2:1


CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Turkish GetUps – collect 15 each arm


5 Rounds for Time

20 Ground to Overheads

10 OH Lunges (each leg)

100m Sprint

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Above Knee Snatch High Pull + Above Knee Snatch – 6×1+1

*if high pull is not good enough then stop the set and repeat

B. 3 pos. Power Clean – 6×3

*use hip, mid, above knee

C. BTN Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance + OHS – 5 x 3 + 1 +3


3 Rounds

15 Strict Dips

Collect 1:00 Ring Support

5 UB Pullups @22X2

*scale as needed