7/21/16 – CrossFit Games

push press


The CrossFit Games are on this week and weekend and they are fun to watch!  Take some time during the day (we know you aren’t really working the whole day) to check it out.

We will be watching them as a group on Saturday at 7pm at Helles and Dunkel and would love to see you there!  Feel free to bring friends, family, strangers, whoever!

CrossFit All Levels

A. Double Under Speed Ball Work


For Time

800m MB Run

40 DB Snatches (total)

200 DUs

40 DB Snatches (total)

800m MB Run

Strength Class

A. Back Squats – 4×3.3.3, rest :20/2:00

*same weights at 7/7

B. 1 1/4 Front Squats – 5×3

C. Strict Pullups @22X1 – 4xME, rest 2:00


D. Eccentric Pullups – collect 15 reps

Endurance Class

A. Faster Foot Pull


2 x 300m Run, rest 1:30

2 x 400m Run, rest 1:45

2 x 300m Run, rest 1:30