7/19/16 – Saturday at Helles and Dunkel!

tyler and kaitlin


The CrossFit Games start this week!  If you’ve never checked them out before, you should.  Pretty cool to see people doing what we do every day but on a much higher level.

This Saturday, July 23rd we have reserved the back room of Helles and Dunkel at 7pm to watch part of the Games that will be shown on ESPN.  We’d love to see you there!  Feel free to bring significant others, friends, etc.  What better way to kick off your Saturday night??

CrossFit Performance

A. Clean Review

B. Split Jerk Review

C. Clean + Jerk – 3×1.1.1, rest :20/:90


For Time

10, 9, 8 , …., 3, 2, 1

Clean + Jerk (65% of A)


*8 min cap

*score time completed or total reps completed

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Press – Push Press – Push Jerk Review

B. Push Jerk – work up to moderate/heavy 5 reps



12 DB Hang Power Clean + OH

24 DB Front Rack Lunges (total)

Strength Class

A. Floor Press – 4×2

*heavier than previous

B. Hip Extensions @22X3 – 4×6-8


200′ Farmers Carry

12 OH UB Lunges (total)

Endurance Class

A. Faster Cadence


12 – 14 x 50m Run, 50m walk recovery