7/18/16 – EMOM Monday

jackie clean


Starting this week, Aaron Drummond and Phil Taggart will be providing coaching assistance throughout the week during the 6:30pm hour. Both of these guys have several years of coaching experience, are overall great dudes and have agreed to assist during our busier class times.  Looking forward to having them with us!

CrossFit Performance

A. Strict Ring Dip Review

B. Strict Ring Dips @22X2 – collect 25 reps



8 Slam Balls

6 Over the Box Jumps

*adjust the rep scheme so work takes between :35 – :40

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Squat Review

B. Back Squats @22X2 – 4×10



100m Run

30 DB Squats

200m Run

20 DB Squats

300m Run

10 DB Squats