7/13/16 – New Beverage Tab

jamie pushups


We have created a new beverage tab for you to fill out when you take a water, protein pack, protein square or FitAid.  Please be sure to take notice of it the next time you purchase one of these items.  We are asking you to write your last name down for us (of course if it is a common last name please also provide your first initial), as there are too many members named Chris, Laura, Alex, etc. for us to be able to decipher the handwriting to figure out the right person to charge.  Let us know if you have any questions – appreciate your assistance with this!

CrossFit Performance

A. GHDSU – :30 ON/:30 OFF x3

rest 3-6:00



For Time

1000m Row

50 KB Swings

30 Pullups

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Strict Pullups @21X1 – collect 25 reps


B. Modified Strict Pullups @21X1 – 5×5



10 Slam Balls

10 Box Jumps

7 HR Pushups

Rest 3:00


Olympic Weightlifting

A. Hip Snatch High Pull + Hip Snatch – 6×1+1

*successful but increasing

B. Hang Power Clean 6×1.1 – rest :15/:90


*heels on plates

C. Snatch Balance + OHS – 1+3, heavy in 6


5 Rounds

6-10 dips

:30 Ring Support

5 UB Pullups @22X2