6/22/16 – New TShirt Designs

southend strong tshirt


New Tshirt designs are out!  Pictures of the shirts are on the front desk with an order sheet for each.  If you are interested in a pre-order for the shirts please write your name and size down by the end of this week!  If you aren’t going to be in the gym by the end of the week and want to make sure you claim a shirt, feel free to email us an order.  See some of the designs below:

southend strongtonight we dyne tank

ladies tank

CrossFit Performance

A. Front Rack BB Lunge – 3×8 Alt., rest :90

*heavier than last week


6 Rounds for Time

40 Double Unders

20 Toes to Bar

10 Cals AB/Row/100m Run

CrossFit Fundamentals

A1. Hollow Body Hold, 3x:30, rest :15

A2. Superman Hold, 3x:30, rest :15

A3. Plank Hold, 3x:30, rest :15


4 Rounds for Time

100m Run

12 HR Pushups

200m Run

24 Plyo Squats

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Clean Deadlift + Clean – 2+1

*heavy set

* :04 to position 1 in deadlift

B. Snatch – 5×1.1, rest :10/:90

C. Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk – 3×1+2+1


3 Rounds

12-15 GHD Situps

12-15 Good Mornings