6/2/16 – Mobility Class Reminder!

jess burpee


Still feeling it from Murph on Monday?  Listen to your body!  Remember that we have Mobility Class every Thursday at 630pm.  We also have Endurance Class every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm – 630pm.

CrossFit All Levels

A. Counterbalance Squats @2222 – collect 20 reps

B. Wall Squat Therapy – collect 20 reps


For Time

100′ Sprint

20 Unbroken DB Front Squats

100′ Sprint

As Fast as Possible!

Rest 2:1


Strength Class

A. Floor Press – 4×6

*heavier than last time, sets of 8

B. Resistance Band Hamstring Curls – collect 40 each leg

C. 4 Rounds

:30 Unbroken Lunges (back rack – mod/heavy)

100m Unbroken Farmers Carry

*carry should be performed unbroken but should be very challenging

Endurance Class

Pose to Fall Transition


4 x 400m Run, rest 2:00