5/31/16 – Meet Phil!

phil front squat


Great job to everyone who came out today to tackle Murph.  Not an easy workout so you should be proud of yourselves for pushing through!


For those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to meet Phil Taggart yet, you will this week!  Phil was one of the OG’s from back in the Latta Park days in 2011, moved to Houston where he coached for 3.5 years, and has just recently moved back to Charlotte.  He will be assisting with some classes now and will be hard to miss with his high enthusiasm!

CrossFit All Levels

A. 4 Rounds (not for time)

10 Stir the Pots (each direction)

10 V-Ups

:40 Hollow Body Hold

*stir the pots modified to ME plank holds if necessary



3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – etc…

Hang Power Cleans

Burpees over the Bar

*HPC moderate load – should be weight that set of 9 still UB

Strength Class

A. Seated Barbell Z Press @21X2 – find heavy triple

B. Front Squats @3333 – 5×5


*goal is to match loads from 5×4

C. Not For Time

10 UB Deadlifts

10 Front Rack Single Leg Step Ups, each leg

8 UB Deadlifts

8 FR Single Leg Step Ups, each leg

6 UB Deadlifts

6 FR Single Leg Step Ups, each leg

4 Deadlifts

4 FR Single Leg Step Ups, each leg

2 Deadlifts

2 FR Single Leg Step Ups, each leg

*2 different barbells

*each time rep scheme decreases load should increase

Endurance Class


Holding Pose Position


10 – 12 x 100m Run, :45 rest