5/23/16 – May’s Nutriton Seminar Tuesday

earl squat


This Tuesday, May 24th at 630pm is our next Nutrition Seminar.  Nutrition is a huge part of your overall fitness so if you’ve never attended or you need a refresher, show up on Tuesday!  These do not count as a class towards your membership and feel free to bring a friend or family member with you.

CrossFit Performance

A. Strict HSPU – 2xME.ME, rest :20/2:00


15 min AMRAP

400m Run

10 Strict HSPUs

20 DB Front Rack Lunges (total)

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Squat Review

B. Back Squats @22X2





*increasing each set


12 min AMRAP

8 Back Squats (moderate)

10 DB Push Press

12 Strict Abmat Situps

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Hang Power Snatch – 4×3.3.3, rest :10/:90

B. Clean – 2.2.2, heavy set. rest :10

C1. Press in Split Jerk + Split Jerk – 5×4+2

*heavier than last week

C2. Single Leg RDL – 5×8 each leg