5/12/16 – JSong’s Protein Squares

jess bar mu


Jess Song, maker of the Protein Packs by JSong that we have been selling for awhile now is bringing us a new product – Protein Squares!  These 1.5 oz squares full of the fuel you need pre or post workout are now for sale for $3.25.  Just like waters and Protein Packs please make note of your purchase on the sheet in the kitchen and we can charge your account directly for them.  Feel free to provide us with any feedback with the product!  Nutrition info is posted in the kitchen.

CrossFit All Levels

For Time

100m Run

10 Push Press

200m Run

20 Push Press

300m Run

30 Push Press

300m Run

30 Back Squat

200m Run

20 Back Squat

100m Run

10 Back Squat

Strength Class

A. Deadlifts – 4×5.5, :30/3:00

B. DB Z Press @31X3 – 4×8-12

C1. Front Rack Walking Lunge – 4×50′, rest 1:30

C2. Hip Extensions @22X2 – 4×8-12, rest 1:30