5/11/16 – B-cycle Boot Camp Thursday

tracy jumping


This Thursday we have the 2nd B-cycle Boot Camp at 6pm!  Please be sure to sign up through this link to reserve your spot and bike.  The event will be capped so be sure to register ASAP.  This event is not just for CFSE & CBBC members so feel free to have other friends register for the event as well for some fun and a good workout.

CrossFit Performance


A1. Leg Raises – 3×10, rest :90

*perform from dip bar

A2. Stir the Pot – 3×10 each direction, rest :90


For Time


Cals on Row/Assault Bike

Slam Balls

Rest 5:00


CrossFit Fundamentals


A. KB Deadlift Review

B. Deficit KB Deadlift Review – 2×10


For Reps

:40 ME HR Pushups

:20 Rest

:40 ME KB Deadlifts

:20 Rest

100m Sprint

Rest 2:00


Olympic Weightlifting

A. Press in Clean – 5×5

*scale as needed (weighted, banded on rig, pvc pip, manual hip adjustment, etc)

B. Power Clean + Above Knee Hang Power Clean + Hip Clean – heavy set in 8 attempts

*film 7, 8

C. Tall Snatch – heavy single

*start with empty bar, 5# jumps (flat footed vs. up on toes)

*film 2 reps of choice