5/5/16 – No Endurance Class

simon deadlift


Reminder that there is no Endurance Class tomorrow (Thursday).  We’ll be back at it on Tuesday!

And another reminder from one of our members, Renee:

Come have a blast learning the fast, fun game of Touch! Touch, also known as Touch Rugby or Touch Footy, is a non-impact field sport played using a rugby ball. It is the most popular sport in Australia and is rapidly growing in the US as a fast and approachable sport that anyone can play!

We will have skilled players and coaches to teach new players the basics of this game. No experience necessary!

CrossFit All Levels

A. 5 min AMRAP

1 Prowler Push & Pull

10 Over the Box Jumps

Rest 5:00


B. 5 min AMRAP

15 KB Swings

15 DB Push Press

Rest 5:00


Strength Class

A. Floor Press Intro/Tech Work – 3×10

B. RDLs @21X1 – 5×5, increasing

*mixed grip is allowed

C. 4 Rounds:

6 Single Leg Step Ups

100m Farmers Carry