4/20/16 – New Hand Care Kit

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Last month we put out a survey to see what you would like to see in the Retail Store – and we listened!  Many of you requested hand care items, so we now have the wodwelder Hand Care Kit for sale for $24.00:

To make things convenient and economical we’ve bundled up three of our great Handcare for Athlete’s products in the same place, making it even easier to purchase and follow our 3 step system.
Step 1: Solid salve for keeping calluses hydrated

     Step 2: Wild harvested pumice stone for keeping calluses smooth and low

     Step 3: Hands as Rx daily cream for keeping hands smooth, supple and rip free

Take care of your hands!

Kit contains:

1oz push up tube of wodwelder salve
2oz jar of wodwelder extreme cream
1 long lasting natural pumice stone


CrossFit Performance

For Time

10, 9, 8, … 3, 2, 1

Strict Pullups @21X1

11, 12, 13, … 18, 19, 20

KB Swings

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Deadlift Review

B. EMOM x 7

7 Deadlifts (moderate)


For Reps

:45 ME Plank Hold

:15 Transition

:45 ME Plyo Squats

:15 Transition

:45 ME Plyo Lunges

:15 Transition


Olympic Weightlifting

A. 3 pos. Snatch – 6×1

moderate across

B. Power Clean + Pause Push Press + Pause Jerk – 5×1+2+2


C. Split Squats – heavy set of 6 each leg

D. Split Squats – 2x 6 each leg + 8 back squats

@95% of C