4/19/16 – Hang Cleans!

lidd wall ball


You’ll notice that both the Performance Class & Fundamentals Class are focusing on the Hang Clean and have very similar workouts.  During the 530pm & 630pm classes please choose the appropriate class for yourself.  If you aren’t sure which is right for you – ask us!

Also – this Thursday we have our monthly Nutrition Seminar at 6:30pm.  Come out to learn how to eat for your body type and your goals.  Nutrition is a huge piece of the puzzle!

CrossFit Performance

A. Hang Clean – 3×5.5.5, rest :20/2:00

*light/moderate load – speed & tech focused


8 min AMRAP

2, 4, 6, 8, 12…etc

Hang Clean (load from A)

Burpee Box Jumps

*score is total reps

*Dose Response: Max Aerobic Power/Muscular Endurance.  These reps should be done TnG

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Front Squat Review

B. Hang Clean Review


12 min AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12, etc…

Hang Cleans

Burpees over the Bar

Strength Class

A. Press – find heavy triple

B. Eccentric Pullups – collect 15 reps

C. Deadlifts – 4×5.5, :20/2:00 rest

D. Stir the Pots – collect 30 reps each direction

Endurance Class


Fall and Pull


6 – 10 x 100m Hill Sprints, 1:30 rest