4/11/16 – Boot Camp One Week Away!



First – our Olympic Weightlifting Class is cancelled on Monday (tomorrow), but see below for programming to follow during Open Gym if you’d like!

Second – Charlotte’s Best Boot Camp is kicking off on Monday, April 18th!  We have adjusted the class time for this to 6:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and 10:30am on Saturdays.  You will be able to attend the Boot Camp with your current CFSE membership (just register through Mindbody as always and it will count as one of your classes).  If you have any friends/family that want to increase their fitness but don’t want to participate in CrossFit for any reason, please let them know about this Boot Camp option!

CrossFit Performance


6 Strict Ring Dips

12 KB Swings (unbroken)

Rest 5:00


6 Strict Pullups

12 Goblet Squats (unbroken)

Rest 5:00


CrossFit Fundamentals


Front Squats

Front Squats @22X2 – 3×8

*use this to find working weight


12 min AMRAP

8 Front Squats

10 Burpees

12 Box Jumps

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Snatch Balance + OHS – 5×1+3

B. High Hang Clean + Low Hang Clean – heavy set in 6

C1. Single Leg StepUps – heavy set of 7 each leg

*heavier than last week

C2. Single Leg StepUps – 2×7 each leg + 8 Front Squats @95% of C1


3 sets

5 Strict Dips – weighted, heavy

5 Strict Pullups – weighted, heavy