3/24/16 – Final Friday Night Lights!


Our last Friday Night Lights is this Friday, March 25th!  We would love to see as many people as possible there.  If you plan to participate in the workout please put your name on the list on the front desk.  If you won’t be at the gym between now and then please email Isaac before Friday to let her know that you want to participate.  After the workout we’ll all head over to Brass Tap, where they are providing us with a 15% discount off of food.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

CrossFit All Levels

A. 4 min AMRAP

15/10 Cal Row

6 Burpee over the Erg

Rest 2:00

B. 4 min AMRAP

20 Plyo Lunges (total)

10 KB Swings

Rest 2:00

C. 4 min AMRAP

Partner Abmat Situp Throws

Rest 2:00


Strength Class

A. Press – heavy single

B. Push Press – 4xME @80% of A, rest 1:30

C. Box Squats – 5×4

D. KB Trunk Twists – collect 30 each direction

Endurance Class


Forward Lean


Run 2:00, rest 2:00

Run 1:30, rest 1:30

Run 1:00, rest 1:00

Run 1:30, rest 1:30

Run 2:00, rest 2:00

*choose a pace at which you can maintain form.  Stop once form deteriorates