3/15/16 – Specialty Classes


Tuesdays are full of our Specialty Classes, so take advantage!  We have our Strength Class at 6:30am which focuses on improving your technique and strength in pressing, deadlifting and squatting.  Then at 6:30pm we have our Deep Stretch Yoga Class and Endurance Class.  Coaches have to modify for you all the time because your muscles are so tight that they don’t allow for the desired range of motion?  Check out Deep Stretch!  This class will be outside if the weather is nice, so if you have a mat or towel, please bring it with you.  Endurance Class helps with running technique and allows our members to tackle a general weakness.  Questions about any of these classes and if they are appropriate for you to attend, just reach out to a CFSE coach!

CrossFit Performance


Power Clean – 5,5,3,3,1,1,1, rest 2:00

*work to a heavy but not maximal load


For Time

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15

Toes to Bars (knees to elbows)

Power Cleans (60-65% of A)

*Dose Response: Strength/Muscular Endurance – If you really chased after a heavy load in part “A”, use the prescribed percentage. If you stayed on the lighter side, up the percentage to 75%. You may perform TnG or singles if needed

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. CrossOver Symmetry Activation

B. Kipping Review


5 Rounds for Time

12 Box Jumps

12 OH Lunges (each leg)

12 Burpees over a Plate (lateral)

Strength Class

A. Press – work to a heavy single

B. Push Press @85% of A – 4xME, rest 2:30

C. Deadlift @21X2 – 5×5


D. Hollow Body Hold Tabata

Endurance Class


Core Stability


Run – 8-12 x 50m, rest :30