3/2/16 – More Fun on Friday!


We have another Friday Night Lights event this Friday kicking off around 6pm!  Reminder that this is open to members of all levels and we will have scaled options of all workouts.  If you didn’t make it to last week’s event you are still more than welcome to attend this Fridays.  Please write your name down on the sheet on the front desk if you plan to come on Friday to participate this week.  Friends and family are welcome to come and cheer you on as well.  This week Red Clay Ciderworks will be there to provide us with some recovery beverages!

CrossFit Performance

A. Hip Mobility

B. Squat Therapy


8 min AMRAP

10 OTB Burpees (lateral)

15 Push Press (light/moderate)

25 Back Squats

Rest 8:00


Dose Response: Maximum Aerobic Power – Choose loads for the PP and BS that will allow you to maintain an 85% sustainable output for the entire duration

CrossFit Fundamentals


Handstand Pushup Progressions

Collect 15 reps at the most difficult level you can complete



Min 1: 5-10 HSPUs

Min 2: 15 – 25 Squats

Min 3: 75 Single Unders

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Snatch High Pull Warmup

B. Above Knee Hang Snatch + Below Knee Hang Snatch, 5×1+1

Start at 60%1RM, add 5# each attempt

C. Pause Jerk Dip + Pause Push Jerk + Pause Jerk, 4×1+1+1

:03 pause in dip

75% across