2/25/16 – Nutrition Seminar Tomorrow!


Our February Nutrition Seminar is tomorrow (Thu. Feb 25th) at 6:30pm. Feel free to bring someone with you.  You don’t need to sign up anywhere and this doesn’t count as one of your classes.  See you there!

Also – if you would like to come do the Friday Night Lights workout on Friday evening, please write your name down on the sheet on the front desk.  Ideally you have this done before CrossFit HQ announces the workout Thursday at 8pm – no cherry picking!  We will have scaled versions of every workout so that all members can participate in this.

CrossFit All Levels


For Time

20/15 Cals on the Rower

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Burpees

Rest 6:00


Dose Response: Maximum Aerobic Power – Move as fast as possible, but at a pace that will allow you to maintain similar output across all 4 intervals.

Strength Class

A. Back Squats, 4×5 increasing

B. Front Squats @5353, 4×3

C. Deadlifts, 4×5 increasing

D. GHD SitUps, 3×10-15