2/17/16 – No Classes this Weekend


Reminder that we are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you get in this week!

CrossFit Performance

A. Hang Clean, 5×3, rest 2:00


3 min AMRAP

15 Cal AD/Row

10 UB Hang Cleans

Rest 6:00


Dose Response: Lactate Endurance – Perform these intervals at 95% effort keeping the 2:1 rest:work ratio in mind. All 10 reps with the barbell should be performed unbroken.

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Press, 3×5

B. Push Press, 3×8

C. Push Jerk, 3×12


For Time


Box Jumps


Olympic Weightlifting

A. 3 position Snatch. Start 50-60% of 1RM. +5# each attempt

B. Pause Clean. Work to heavy single. :05 pause pos. 2

C. Strict Press – work to 5 RM

D. Band OHS @3333, 3×10. Minimal trap activation