2/11/16 – Help One of Our Own


Looking to you all to help out a member of our CFSE community, Andrew Duncan.  On Monday his mom’s house caught fire and destroyed the inside of her home that has been part of the family for 4 generations.  Fortunately no people were hurt during the fire, but sadly they did lose their family dog, Gator.  If you feel so inclined, here is a link to the gofundme page that has been set up to help his mom.  We know Duncan and his family would appreciate any help at all!

CrossFit All Levels

A. Turkish GetUps – collect 20 reps each arm


2:00 ME Wall Balls

:20 Rest/Transition

2:00 ME Cals on Row

:20 Rest/Transition

2:00 ME Hollow Body HOld

Rest 2:00


Dose Response: Max Aerobic Power.  Find a repeatable 85% effort

Strength Class

A. Glute Activation Bridges, 3×7 with :03 pause at the top

B. Back Squats, 4×5 increasing

C. Press, 4×5 increasing

D1. GHD Trunk Twists, 3×10 each way

D2. Stir the Pot, 3×10 each way