2/2/16 – Mix It Up with Endurance Class


We do not have Deep Stretch Yoga or Mobility Class this week.  Apologize for the inconvenience!  Still want to mix it up from a full week of CrossFit classes though?  Check out our Endurance Class on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm – 630pm!

Endurance Class


Foot Pull and Landing


2x :30 @70%, 1:00 rest

2x :30 @80%, 1:00 rest

1-6 x :30 @90%, 1:00 rest

CrossFit Performance

A. Hamstring/Low Back Mobility

B. Deadlift @21X1, 6×4, rest 2:00

*heavier than last week


For Time – AFAP

500m Row

20 Burpees

Rest 2:1


CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Strict Pullup/Modified Pullups @21X2 – collect 30 reps

B. Jump Rope/Double Under Review


15 min AMRAP

20 OH Lunges (45/25)

20 KB Swings (53/35)

80 Single Unders

Strength Class

A. Banded Squats to a Box – collect 20 reps

B. Back Squat, 5×5

C. Deadlifts, 4×5

D1. V-Ups, 3×10

D2. GHD Trunk Twists, 3×10 each way