1/18/16 – Reminders!


Couple reminders…

First – Remember when you park in the side Carson lot to not drive on the grass at all and to parallel park along the asphalt.  Thank you!

Second – If you are participating in the Look Better Naked Challenge Decrease Body Fat % category please email us your points for last week!

CrossFit Performance

1000m Row

Rest 2:1

750m Row

Rest 2:1

500m Row


100 MB Front Squats

75 KB Swings

50 Pullups/Ring Rows

25 Burpees

15 min cap

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Squat Review

B. Front Rack Mobility

C. Front Squat Review, 3×10


12 min AMRAP

10 Front Squats

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Clean + Front Squat + Jerk – heavy triple

B. Snatch Deadlift + High Hang Snatch @75%, 1+1×5

C. Segment Clean Pull (low hang) @105%, 5×3


3 sets:

10 banded tricep extensions @20X3

10 Bent Over Pendlay Rows