1/13/16 – Sanitize Yo’ Stuff!


Germ season is upon us!  Please be sure you are wiping down all of your equipment, pullup bars, floor around you, etc. at the end of your workout.  We all appreciate it!

Also – we have extended our Open Gym hours and are now open every weekday at 4pm.  If you get off work early, you are welcome to come in and work on whatever it is you need to work on.  Classes will continue to start at 530pm, but you can come to the gym earlier if you’d like to.  Please sign in through MindBody like any class or other open gym session.  This does count as one your classes that you are allotted per month on your membership.

CrossFit Performance

A. CrossOver Symmetry Activation


4 Rounds for Time

25 Kipping Pullups/Ring Rows

15 Burpees

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Turkish GetUp Review

B. TGU, 3×5 each arm

C. Hollow Body Review

D. Collect 2:00 in Hollow Body



Odd: 10-15 HR Pushups

Even: 75 Single Unders

Olympic Weightlifting

A. Clean @75%, 3×2. 80%, 2×2

B. Power Clean + Push Press + Jerk, @70%, 1.1.1 x3. @75% 1.1.1 x2

C. Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch @70%, 1.1 x3, @75%, 1.1 x2


3 Rounds

5 Kneeling Jump Ups

10 Squatting Box Jumps