1/12/16 – Vote for Endurance Class


One more push for this!  Please vote for the class time that you would like to have for our Endurance Class with Coach Lee through this link.  Thank you!


CrossFit Performance

A. Hamstring Mobility/Low Back Mobility

B. Deadlift @21X1, 4×4.4, rest :30/2:00

*heavier than last week


12 min AMRAP

100m Farmers Carry (53/35)

30 Push Press (light)

100 DUs/Singles

Dose Response: Maximum Aerobic Power – Choose loads for this workout that are going to enable you stay consistent in your pacing throughout all 12 minutes. Treat this as a sustinable, 85% pace

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Squat Review

B. Back Squats @22X1, 3×8


4 Rounds for Time

12 Back Squats (light/mod)

200m Run

Strength Class

A. Banded Monster Walks, 2×50′ each way

B. Back Squats, 4×6, increasing

C. Press, 4×5, increasing

D. Windshield Wipers, 3×4 each direction