1/5/16 – Parking


Parking is back up for the Carson Street side lot!  But – please park along the asphalt instead of the grass so that the grass can repair from the bad weather we’ve been having.  See this newsletter that was sent out earlier today for more information.  Appreciate your cooperation!

Also reminder that one of our info & nutrition sessions is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:3opm.  The first part of the session will be details on the challenge and the second half will be a review of the nutrition guidelines.  See you there.

CrossFit Performance

A. Hamstring/Low Back Mobility

B. Deadlift @21X1, 4×8, rest :90



Min 1: Deadlift x12

Min 2: Burpees x5-10

Min 3: Push Press x12

Min 4: Box Jump x5-10

Dose Response: Maximum Aerobic Power – Choose loads for this workout that are going to enable you stay consistent in your pacing throughout all 16 minutes. Treat this as a sustainable, 85% pace

CrossFit Fundamentals

A. Squat Review & Therapy



Air Squat


Hollow Body Hold


Air Squat


Abmat Situps

Tabata means :20 of work, :10 of rest x 8 for each movement

Strength Class

A. Counterbalance Squats – collect 15 reps

B. Back Squat, 4×8, increasing

C. Deadlift, 4×5, increasing

D. Iron Scap