11/24/15 – Running Skills Tomorrow


Reminder that we have Running Skills Class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  Work on something you need work on!

CrossFit Performance


A. SL Glute Bridge – 3×10 each side, rest :60

B. RLE SL Split Squat @21X1, 3×10 each leg, rest :90


3 min AMRAP

5 Clean & Jerk (moderate/heavy… singles)

10 Back Squats

Rest 3:00 x3

Dose Response: CP Battery/Strength Endurance – this is a barbel complex where you’ll be going from the clean & jerks to the back squat, so make sure you pick a load where the c&j is difficult but able to be lowered onto your traps

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Hang Power Clean Review

B. Push Jerk Review


EMOM x 14

Even: 8 Hang Power Clean + OH (moderate)

Odd: 40-70 Single Unders

Strength Class

CrossFit Total!

If you have not been attending AM Strength Class regularly you will be performing 3×5 of back squat, deadlift & strict press

Running Skills

A. Glute Activation

B. Balance and Core Stability

C. Foot Pull