11/12/15 – New Hoodies!


First – it is Veterans Day tomorrow (thank you Veterans for all you do!) so there are some people who have work off, but we are running our regular Wednesday schedule.

Second – we have a new design for Hoodies!  We will place the order on Monday so if you want to pre-order one of these hoodies make sure you put your name on the sheet on the front desk and we can charge your account.  Hoodies are $45

CrossFit Performance


A. False Grip Ring Row @21×1, 2×6-8, :60

B. MU Transition, 2xAMRAP, :60

C. Kneeling MU Transition, 5xAMRAP, :60


D. False Grip Pullup @21×1, 3xAMRAP, :60

E. Partner Assisted Strict Muscle Ups – 10 attempts


F. Strict Muscle Ups, 5xAMRAP, 2:00

If you’re new to this progression or stil have a upper body strength priority, then perform part “A-C”. If you’ve been following the progression and can support your bodyweight with the false grip, perform “D” and “E”. If you currently have strict muscle ups, perform “F”.


15 min AMRAP

12 HR Pushups

15 Pullups/Jumping CTB

200m Run

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Strict Press Review, 2×5

B. Push Press Review, 2×5

C. Push Jerk Review, 2×5 then find working weight


12 min AMRAP

12 Push Jerks (mod)

20 Abmat Situps

5 Burpees over the Bar

Strength Class

A. 3 Pos. Clean – heavy single

B. 3 Pos. Clean, 3×1 @90% of A

C. Power Snatch – heavy double

D. Power Snatch, 2×2 @80% of C

E. Snatch Drop + Snatch Balance, 3×1.1


A1. Low Weight OHS @3030, 3×10

A2. T-Spine Mobility of Choice, 3x:90

A3. Narrow Grip OH Walking Lunge, 3×10